Need a Loan on your Car?

(Subject to eligibility and affordability)
450.5% APR Representative

How it works

Logbook Loans are quite unique; they enable a customer to release the cash in a vehicle in the form of a secured loan against it. Please read on to find out more about this unique product.

1. Enquire

The initial application process is very easy and will only take two minutes of your time to complete. Once you have filled in the enquiry form, one of the Logbook Lender advisors will contact you to discuss your options further.

2. Sign Agreement & Bill of Sale

The next step will be to visit one of our branches or meet with one of our underwriters; depending where you live. We will inspect your vehicle and determine from its value the loan amount we are prepared to consider. We will provide you with a quote based on how much you can borrow, subject to affordability, and then sign the loan agreement and bill of sale.

3. Receive Your Money

We provide same day payment to our customers. With over 60+ branches in England & Wales and mobile underwriters in Scotland. Cash is available up to £5,000 in branch or payment can be made by fast payment into your account.

4. Repay The Loan

Now all that’s left to do is make the repayments! Please ensure that you make all repayments on time, if you struggle to make the repayments you should contact us immediately to discuss and arrange a solution.